Tips for Booking a Room at a Pet Friendly Hotel

Traveling with your pet can be a headache if you do not plan well, but according to a recent survey by the American Hotel & Lodging Association, about 75% of luxury, mid-scale, and economy hotels now allow pets. So, you can book into one of the best pet friendly hotels. There are many pet friendly hotels to choose from. But how do you go about it when choosing the right accommodations of the best hotels or gateways that are pet friendly? There are four steps if you are to have a great time traveling with your pet to hotels.

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Expect to pay for your pet. When checking into a hotel, you need your pet to be in a conducive environment. You must pay for its accommodation. You can have a quotation on how much you must pay. That will enable you to do proper budgeting. Whether it is a deposit that you get back a housekeeping fee or just a nightly fee, you must pay something.

The size and breed of your dog do matter. Hotels have restrictions on the size limits of a dog that stays with them. A lot of hotels do not allow large dogs. But there are some exceptions. Other places allow large dogs but you must pay more. The breed of the dog will also be considered if you check into a hotel.


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