7 Signs That You Are Dealing with a Backyard Local Doodle Breeder

The Goldendoodle remains one of the most popular designer dogs in North America. They are a cross between a poodle and a golden retriever. Family-friendly, great energy, highly social, low shed coat — the benefits go on and on. If you are looking for doodles for sale, you may need to find a reputable local doodle breeder to purchase from.

Pet parents often make the mistake of purchasing from ‘backyard breeders’ that only see puppies for profit, without any care for the health of the pups or their parents. Here are seven signs that you may be dealing with a backyard local doodle breeder.

1. They Don’t Screen Potential Buyers

A major red flag when dealing with local doodle breeders is sellers that do not ask questions to the potential buyers. Responsible breeders have their dogs’ best interests at heart. They would want to know the kind of home their puppies will go to. Screening helps to ensure that their Goldendoodles will receive the right level of care and love.

2. They Offer Minimal Medical Security

Be wary of a local doodle breeder that doesn’t provide contracts that stipulate the roles or responsibilities of the buyer and the breeder. Reputable breeders provide health guarantee contracts that run for at least a year from the sale date. Ask for the health tests. Some may have lifetime guarantees.

3. The Puppies Leave the Mom Before 8 Weeks Old

Rogue breeders sell puppies immediately after they are weaned, after a five-to-six-week period. However, eight weeks old is the youngest a pup should leave their mother. The six-to-eight-week stretch is critical to behavioral development as the Goldendoodle learns from the mother and the rest of the litter. Early separation may lead to behavioral issues later on.

4. You Aren’t Allowed to See the Parents

A responsible local doodle breeder will be more than willing to show you the parents of your future puppy. At the bare minimum, share photos and videos of the parents. You can learn a lot about their breeding principles by observing the parents. You can get to see how the puppy will look when fully grown, learn about the lineage and the personality of the dog.

5. The Breeder Isn’t in Any Breed Specific Clubs

Reputable doodle breeders have some involvement in the dog fancy, such as membership in an all-breed dog club. Breeding clubs have a code of ethics that members must agree to before enlisting. Participating in breed-specific clubs may indicate their willingness to learn and better the breed.

6. The Doodles for Sale Do Not Have Any Proof of Genetic Testing

Genetic tests go hand in hand with health contracts. Responsible breeders test for most, if not all, genetic defects prevalent for the dog breed they are selling. Be wary of a local doodle breeder that denies or seems ignorant about breed-specific issues.

7. Lack of Veterinary Records for the Puppies

All doodles for sale in Georgia should have their first vet visit, vaccinations, and de-wormers by six to eight weeks. Certificates from a registered veterinarian provide a guarantee that they have received the required shots.

You may need to find a reputable local doodle breeder to source your puppy from. Watch out for the seven red flags. Reach out to Morning Glory Doodles to see upcoming litters and our health guarantee.

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