Finding Lost Pets with Pet ID Tags

Dog tags for dogs

Dogs may know their owner by their smell, but when you lose your dog their nose’s ability to sniff out their owner isn’t going to be enough. Pet ID tags are a great investment for any dog or cat owner who has a fear of losing their pet.

Pet ID tags can be used to help identify a cat or dog should they get lost. Owners place the pet’s name, address and phone number on the pet tags. When a person finds a pet they think is lost, they can look at the tag and use the information to return the cat or dog to their owner.

Pet owners who are worried that the dog tags for pets might get lost if their beloved pet is out in the wild can invest in microchip registry tags. Microchip registry dog tags for dogs and cats involve placing a small microchip in the pet. If the pet is found and returned to an animal shelter or vet, the shelter or vet can scan the microchip pet id tags and notify the owner that a pet has been found. This type of technology is so great that the Egyptians who were cat crazy probably wished they could use it to track their cats.

Purchasing cat tags or dog id tags might seem like a hefty investment, but considering 94 percent of pet owners surveyed said their pet makes them smile every day. It is an investment that is well worth the money. After all, if over 5 billion dollars are being spent every Christmas on gifts for pets, why not purchase pet tags.

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