Five Signs You Need to Take Your Dog To an Emergency Vet

Updated 4/25/22.

An emergency pet doctor can provide your pet with the utmost care if your pet is injured or becomes ill. Emergency vets are specially trained to deal with sick and injured animals, and they have the equipment and facilities, including a pet hospital, to provide the best possible care for your pet.

Finding an Emergency Vet Doctor
An emergency vet cheap near me should be available as and when you need them. You should be able to take your pet to a 24-hour animal hospital nearby for urgent care. This will help to ensure that your pet receives the treatment they need as quickly as possible. An emergency vet should also be able to provide you with the support and advice you need to care for your pet after their treatment. As a rule of thumb, always do background research on your preferred vet before hiring their services.

Bottom Line
A 24-hour emergency pet veterinary clinic is the best place to take your pet if it is injured or if it has become ill. The veterinarians will be able to provide the care they need and have the facilities to do so. If you cannot find a 24-hour animal hospital, you should call your local vet and ask if they provide after-hours emergency care.

If you have a dog, you know just how special they are. These beloved animals have lived with and helped humans for thousands of years, and over the course of those millennia have become part of our families. Being able to recognize an emergency that signals we should take our dogs to a 24 hour animal hospital is an important way of loving them. You probably already know to take your dog to the emergency animal hospital if he is choking, vomiting blood, or experiencing any other obvious sign of a serious disorder. There are other, less obvious problems, though, that you should watch out for in your four-legged best friend:

  • Your dog is constantly drinking. As a pet owner, you should be aware of how much water your dog generally drinks in a day. Of course, on very hot days or after a lot of exertion, you can expect your dog to drink more than normal. If you find yourself having to constantly refill the water bowl when it’s not that hot, or if he seem to be excreting an excessive amount of urine, it could be that your dog is developing diabetes or has a problem with his kidneys. It’s important to take your dog to a 24 hour animal hospital as soon as you notice the problem.
  • Your dog’s coat isn’t thick, shiny, and soft. Again, there is an individual component to this. Not every dog has a coat that is equally thick or equally soft. However, if your dog’s coat has become rough and dry, or if you are seeing bald patches, it could be an allergy to the food she’s eating. It could also be a skin disease, or could even be an internal issue. Whatever it is, make sure you see a veterinarian about it quickly.
  • Your dog is tired and slow. If you spent yesterday hiking five or six miles in the mountains, you probably don’t need to take your dog to the emergency vet if he spends a bit more the next day chilling than he usually does. But most of the time, lethargy is a very bad sign in a dog. Your dog, even if a bit tired, should still be interested in going for a walk, playing with other favorite dogs, or taking part in a game that he normally loves. If the temperatures have been extremely high, see if cooling him down doesn’t help. If it doesn’t, or if it’s just not that hot out, don’t be afraid to take him to the 24 hour animal hospital and find out what’s wrong.
  • It’s all in the poo. A dog’s stool is a good indication of how they’re doing overall. Stools should be small, moist but not overly wet, and firm. If you notice that your dog’s stool has become dry and hard, dehydration is the first suspect. Make sure she’s getting enough water, but if that doesn’t fix it you should see a veterinarian. You should take your dog to the 24 hour animal hospital if you see worms in her stool, if you see blood or mucus, if she strains to expel her waste, or if she has had diarrhea for more than a day.
  • Your dog starts vomiting. As a dog owner, you already know that the occasional vomiting episode isn’t all that strange for a dog. Animals vomit all the time to get rid of something that doesn’t agree with them. However, if your dog has vomited several times in a row, or if he has a fever, or if there is any blood in the vomit, be sure to go to the 24 hour animal hospital immediately.

Your dog is very important to you and your family, and your dog can’t communicate to you in words. Dogs have a strong survival instinct and will try their best act normal, so they need you to be paying attention and noticing when they have problems. If anything seems like it’s not right with your dog, be sure to take them to a 24 hour that immediately.

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