How Healthy Are the Pets Your Family Owns?

Veterinary laboratory services

Pet owners value the health of their family animals. Whether they own cats, dogs, horses, or other animals, an animal owner often makes the health of his or her pet as an important as any other member of the family. And while pet owners concern themselves with healthy food, healthy rest, and healthy exercise for their pets, an entire industry focuses on the development of food safety testing and analysis and specific products like canine heartworm antigen test kits.
When outbreaks of diseases like equine infectious anemia break out in animals as far apart as Tennessee and Oklahoma within the just a few months, the importance of developments like equine infectious anemia virus antibody options become even more important. In a world where flies, mosquitoes, and other insects can quickly spread disease, the work of these research labs becomes even more important.
Did you know, for instance, that nearly 1 million dogs are test positive for heartworm positive in America every single year? Without the antibody research that is used for cases like equine infectious anemia virus antibody work, the ability to test for and treat simple cases of heartworm might not be possible.
And while the knowledge from millions of heartworm cases is easier to track, equine infectious anemia virus cases are not always immediately evident. The fact that even one-fifth of a teaspoon of blood from a chronic case of equine infectious anemia virus during an episode of fever contains enough virus to infect as many as 10,000 horses. Even before the first case is detected, the virus can infect thousands more animals if animal owners are not aware of the dangers.
For these reasons, as soon as even one case of this virus is identified, researchers want to let all horse owners know of the threat. Through the immediate distribution of testing kits, owners can check to see if their animals are infected, sometimes even before any symptoms are evident.
Whether you are the owner of a small cat or dog or an entire herd of horses, having access to the latest test kits and antibodies can help protect the animals that you love. More than 2 million people own horses and an estimated 70 to 80 million own dogs and another 74 to 96 million own cats. All of these owners depend on the veterinary laboratory procedures that help produce and inexpensively distribute virus test kits.

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