How to Use Pellets for Horse Stalls

There are many wonderful aspects to owning a horse, but cleaning stalls is not one of them. Wood pellets offer a better alternative to conventional stall bedding like sawdust or straw. EquiEvolve Coaching looks at the benefits of using wood pellets for horse stalls.

Wood pellets often come in bags weighing 15 kg, or about 33 pounds.

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The average box stall will need six to ten bags, if you start with a completely bare stall. You also need water. Each brand of wood pellets needs a slightly different amount. The water helps the pellets swell up to make a fluffy bed.

You can add the water to slightly opened bags of pellets so that they fluff up in the bags, or you can pour dry pellets into a bucket and add the water. Some horse owners like to lay a dry layer of pellets onto the areas where their horses most often urinate in order to better soak up the urine. The moistened pellets are then spread on top and around to all of the other parts of the stall.

If the pellets have soaked for ten minutes and still seem firm, add a little more water and wait another ten minutes. Repeat until the bedding is nice and fluffy. You can mix pellets with other bedding to make it more economical.

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