Keeping Up With Your Pet’s Daily Exercise Needs

Dog kennel table

Any dog owner knows that dogs require a great amount of exercise. Some dog owners find it difficult to keep up with their pets daily exercise needs. While walks are helpful in meeting these daily requirements, they are usually not enough. Providing a wide variety of exercise routines and activities to your pet will increase their happiness and their overall health. Consider implementing these unique exercise routines into your pet?s daily exercise habits.

Visits to the local dog park
Visiting local dog parks encourages social activity for your pet. It also allows them to play with other dogs, further meeting their daily exercise needs. This is a great option for those dog owners who may be tired after a long work day, and simply do not the energy available for a long night walk. Instead of exerting your energy, you can let your pet loose to run with other high energy pets. Just be sure to bring enough poop bags and utilize the dog park poop station to prevent costly fines. According to a 2016 report from the Trust for Public Lands, nearly every major city has at least one dog park.

Backyard canine obstacle courses
Dog park agility equipment is usually found in dog parks or at local city parks. However, they can also be very affordable for home usage and you will receive many benefits from having your own agility course. You will get more training time with your pet and you can burn a lot of their energy with daily course training. There are many different pieces you can purchase for the dog obstacles. Start out with a couple of pieces and see which ones your pet likes and dislikes. Over time, you can replace each piece, eventually creating the ideal obstacle course. As your pet gets better at the courses, you can move onto more advanced obstacle equipment, like dog hoops and dog tunnels.

Hire a pet walker
Walking is one of the best ways to give daily exercise to your pet. However, many people do not have the availability in their schedules to commit to daily walks. Additionally, if you are required to lock your pet up for numerous hours per day, they lack needed daily exercise. Hiring a pet walker is a great way to get extra exercise in, while breaking up the required boarding time. When you find a trusted pet walker, you can ensure that your pet is well cared for and is receiving the exercise that they need. You will also be left with fewer bathroom accidents in the house. Create an outdoor poop station for simple poop disposal.

Consider boarding your pet
Some pets require higher amounts of exercise than others. When it comes to canine exercise needs, dog breeders suggest the five minute rule, which states that a puppy should have no more than five minutes of exercise for every month of his age. For example, a three month old puppy should get a maximum of fifteen minutes a day. As your pet gets older, however, they will require increased amounts of exercise. If you cannot keep up with these exercise needs, consider dropping your pet off at a boarder or day care center during the workday. They have many dog park products and poop stations available for the care of your pet. When you pick your pet up at the end of the day, they will be well exercised.

Pets are a huge responsibility. They require daily care and high amounts of exercise. Yet, many pet owners are unable to meet the daily exercise requirements of their pets. Daily walks are helpful, but are not usually enough. You can increase your pet?s exercise habits with unique workouts, including frequent visits to local dog parks, setting up a dog obstacle course in your backyard, hiring a pet walker, and considering pet day care services. Always keep enough poop bags and a nearby poop station to prevent bathroom needs from slowing down exercise activities.

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