Physical Therapy Isn’t Just For Humans The Long-Term Benefits Of Therapy Products For Horses

Your horse is your dear friend. They support you through thick and thin, holding sturdy even when you don’t feel able to. What happens when they come down ill?

Your first instinct is to rush straight to the veterinarian and ask for help. Did you know you can also use therapy products for horses to keep them feeling their best? Just like humans need a break every now and again to get back up to speed, so too does your horse need some help. The best horse blankets can go a long way to improve their comfort during a chilly night and a brace for calves can keep muscle soreness at bay. In fact, the field for horse therapy products is an extremely broad one that only gets better the more you dig.

Below are some of the most commonly used therapy products for horses today.

Did You Know?

Americans absolutely adore their pets. When we’re not giving our dogs Christmas presents we’re showering them with treats and affection. This goes for cats, horses, birds, you name it! Recent studies have found 45% of all households in the United States has at least one dog, with cats following close behind in sheer numbers. Every year an estimated seven million people will ride horses, whether for sport or recreation.

Horses Don’t Always Show Their Uncomfortable Symptoms

Have you ever wondered if your horse is sick or not? This is a rather common problem for today’s horse owner, even with all the information available at our fingertips. This is due to horses being pretty reserved when it comes to showing how they’re feeling, often appearing the same on the surface when they have a fever or twisted ankle. The best way to know for sure is to pay close attention to their reaction. A horse that refuses to bear weight or seems more skittish than usual probably has an issue bubbling beneath the surface.

Horses Can Succumb To Arthritis And Muscle Soreness, Too

You likely know someone who struggles with chronic arthritis…that is, if you yourself don’t already! Just like us, pets can succumb to many of the aches and soreness that come with age. Braces for calves are a useful tool you can provide your horse after a hard ride, keeping their muscles positioned in such a way stiffness is reduced. Pair these with arthritis hand warmers or an ankle brace sock for a more well-rounded effect. If you suspect a deeper injury, however, it’s best to reach out to a vet.

Horses Are Sturdy Creatures, But They Can Still Get Cold

There’s no need to fuss about your horse’s comfort during the middle of the night. Fleece blankets for horses are designed to trap temperature and turn away moisture, keeping your horse cozy and snug for hours. Horses are powerful animals, able to weigh up to 2,000 pounds or more. Despite their strong stature, they’re still just as susceptible to changes in the weather or illness as we are. Keep a close eye on your horse’s shivering or shuffling, as that can be signs they’re not warm enough.

A Full Package Is The Best Choice For Your Horse’s Comfort

You don’t have to pick and choose between your horse’s options. Therapy products for horses are designed to give your pet the most efficient result possible. Bowed tendons are one of the most common injuries sustained by horses today, whether from stepping in a hole or bearing too much weight. This injury can take between eight to 11 months to heal, on average, and is best done with a little extra comfort. A healing mattress pad, fleece blanket, and set of equine horse boots can give your horse that push it needs to make a full recovery.

You don’t have to wait until your horse is injured before you treat them. Therapy products for horses come in many shapes and sizes…try them out and see what works!

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