The First Things to Teach Your New Puppy

Getting a new puppy is a wonderful feeling, and adopting a young dog ensures that you can train them in just the way you want. Other than being absolutely adorable, puppies can be a handful. It is vital that you begin dog training ASAP in order to not confuse your new friend. But what fundamentals should you teach your puppy first? Well, this video provides insight into the most basic things you need your puppy to learn.

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Obviously, “sit” is the first thing you should focus on when training your new puppy. This is the baseline for all other orders you will teach your dog. If they learn “sit”, they will learn “down,” “heel,” and “leave it” much easier. Using toys and treats for motivation is the key to puppy training, and a great way to establish trust between the two of you. This is a great bonding exercise and can help you get a feel of which toys will work for training and which ones your puppy doesn’t show much interest in. Teach your puppy “sit,” and in no time, your puppy will be a well-behaved, adorable houseguest.


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