The Truth About Raising German Shepherd Puppies

German shepherd puppies are a great choice of dog. They are smart, loyal, and make great companions. However, that German shepherd puppy that you have fallen in love with will someday become a large dog. Not just that, but it will be a dog that’s full of energy. There are many things to consider when adopting a puppy of any kind, but larger and more energetic dogs, such as shepherds, will have a few more requirements, especially when it comes to dog obedience training. It’s best to educate yourself on those requirements and be sure that the dog is a good match for you before you take it home.

Ready to Run

Once puppies reach one year of age, they are considered adult dogs. However, it’s unlikely that their puppy energy will be going away any time soon. This is especially true in the case of German shepherd puppies AZ loves. They are highly energetic dogs, unlike some other large dogs, such as a Newfoundland, which might be a little lazier. This means that they are going to need space to run and will require regular exercise. If you live in a smaller home or don’t have a big back yard, lots of walks and playtime are in your future. They make wonderful pets for people who enjoy being outside and love outdoor activities like hiking. Just be sure to keep them tethered to avoid issues with dog obedience.

Smart as Can Be

German shepherd puppies are also incredibly intelligent. This means that they require a great deal of mental stimulation. Canine enrichment activities such as puzzle feeders or agility courses are wonderful for them. Those things help keep them engaged and keep them from being restless. Believe it or not, dogs can get bored, just like people can. This is especially true in the case of dogs with higher intelligence.

Another hallmark of intelligence is rebellion. Without the proper dog obedience classes, you might find it difficult to train your dog on your own. If the dog finds that your training regimen is boring or easy, they might ignore you altogether. Relying on a professional dog obedience trainer is one of the best ways to ensure your dog’s intelligence doesn’t get in the way of its success.

Prone to Anxiety

Due to their high intelligence and energy levels, German shepherds can be prone to anxiety. According to Bark Post, they are one of the top breeds that suffer from this issue. There are ways to make sure this does not become a problem for your dog though. German shepherd breeders tend to sell their dogs when they are still puppies, so you can make sure to get them used to different situations as they grow. Allowing them to have time away from you will also help with separation anxiety. For more tips on socializing them with other people and dogs, rely on a dog obedience trainer for more information. You can also avoid boredom-induced anxiety by giving them lots to do.

The Breeder Matters

Choosing a quality breeder is also an important part of raising your shepherd. When looking for German shepherd puppies for sale in Phoenix, you want to choose one that takes good care of their dogs. A humane, quality breeder can help provide you with the perfect German shepherd for you. Rely on Rob’s Dogs for the best in German shepherd breeding and dog obedience classes around.

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