Why People Are Increasingly Purchasing Gravestones for Their Pets

Pet stones

Approximately two thirds of American households have a pet. There are 78 million pet dogs and 86 million pet cats. This is because over half of cat owners own more than one cat. For some people grieving for a pet is as intense as grieving for a lost relative. But for people who have recently lost a dog or a cat, finding the appropriate pet stones or pet grave markers can provide closure to the process of grief.

These gravestones for pets are made of the best quality of rock. They are often taken from rivers where they have been naturally smoothed over. River stone, slate, polished granite, marble and bluestone are all available to create quality pet headstones which will last for an extremely long time. These stones are also quite personal.

Headstones for pets or gravestones for pets are among the most important memorials for many pet owners who need help letting go. Obviously, it is not easy to no longer have the cat wandering around the house, rubbing up against the legs, purring, taking naps and lapping up water at the water dish. It is difficult not having that dog to take for the walk, to go running with in the morning, to greet you when you come home at the end of the day. But gravestones for pets can remind you of the good times. They may not come again, but gravestones for pets are a reminder as to why they were special.

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