4 Best starter pets for kids

Good pets for kids

Many times when children get to a certain age they begin asking for a family pet. This can pose a dilemma to many families who feel they do not have the time or energy for more responsibilities. Fortunately there are a number of small animals that may appease the want of a child and keep parental stress to a minimum. What pets are good for kids and keep parents happy?

First is the gerbil. Gerbils make good pets for kids because of their low maintenance and sociable attitude. These animals are small and require minimal space. They are good starter pets for kids because they require the child to provide food and water regularly. Gerbils are also safe for children to take out and play with.

Second is the goldfish. Goldfish are one of the best small pets for kids because they have extremely low upkeep responsibilities. This animal has the ability to teach responsibility because a child must remember to feed it. They are good pets for kids with allergies because they have no fur or hair and both the parent and child are not required to touch the animal.

Third is the lizard. Many people immediately think of large iguanas but that is not the only lizard pet option. Geckos are good house pets for kids because they are small and docile. They require a cage and food and water like many other small animals. They do not require the lights that other caged animals may because they are nocturnal. Geckos do not grow to be very large making them good pets for kids who are relatively young.

Fourth and final is the bird. The three best birds to bring home as a pet are the canary the finch or the parakeet. These animals require a little more space because of their need to fly. They can be taken out of the cage by a child and need to have their cage cleaned regularly. This requires the child to take a little more responsibility for the pet. Birds are good pets for kids if the parent is interested in teaching a more in depth care taking mentality.

Any of these four pets are good for kids and parents with budgeted time and money. If your child wants a pet get a starter pet. You will be glad you did.

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