What Pets are Best for Kids?

In Heather Grimshaw’s study “The Four-Legged Cure,” she sat down a group of kids, and asked them to list their ten most valued relationships. Then she asked who they would rely on in a time of need. How did most children respond? A startlingly majority answered their pets. Pets help reduce stress levels, and they […]

What Are Good Pets for Kids?

Over the years a lot of readers have asked me, “What are good pets for kids?” The answer, like all things, depends on the kid in question. But it also depends a good deal on what you want your kid to get out of the whole experience. If companionship is all you think your child […]

4 Best starter pets for kids

Many times when children get to a certain age they begin asking for a family pet. This can pose a dilemma to many families who feel they do not have the time or energy for more responsibilities. Fortunately there are a number of small animals that may appease the want of a child and keep […]

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