Is Little Timmy Old Enough for a Hamster?

Good pets for kids

What are good pets for kids? Do you remember your earliest pet? Some people think that small pets for kids are better, but it may not be true. It is obviously dependent on the age of the child and the species of pet, but there are a few rules that you can follow to play it safe. After all, you do not want your child’s first pet experience to be a disaster to scar for life just because you did not do your research.

  • Best Small Pets for Kids
  • The first thing that you need to determine is how much responsibility are you going to give the child. A lot of parents use a first pet as a learning opportunity for responsibility, and it is not a bad thing to consider. But, as the responsible adult, you should always be ready to step in and clean a tank if need be.

    If you are thinking cuddly, a kitten or puppy is the best bet, although it is a lot more work. Do not get something like a gerbil, a mouse, or a hamster, thinking that they can suffice as a cuddly alternative. They are rodents and will bolt at the first chance they see. Sea monkeys are a great, really simple start to work your child into something bigger, like a goldfish or beta.

  • Furry
  • Again, puppy and kitten are the most playful, but not the only playful furry animals. Rats and ferrets are actually incredibly smart, can be trained, and love to play with their owners. Guinea pigs are the most apathetic. They are not fond of being held, but they will often just sit in one spot if you leave them on a bed, or on a table. However! Do not leave any small animal unattended. Ever. That is how they escape. Rabbits are also very lovable and friendly if raised from very young. Anything else in the realm of fuzzy and you begin getting into more exotic pets, and it is best to avoid those as first pets.

  • Otherwise
  • Depending upon the child, there are several non-fuzzy small pets for kids that could be great. Fish, frogs, lizards, corn snakes, even a tarantula or scorpion could work. Parakeets or finches are cute and fun, and do not require a great deal of attention at all times. Turtles or tortoises are also a great option, but they do require quite a substantial bit of upkeep.

The coolness of the pet that you get your child is directly related to the amount of energy and dedication that you yourself are willing to put into it. You do not want to get anything with too short a lifespan, like a hermit crab, because you do not want to completely ruin your child’s first-pet experience. But maybe you do not want to be cleaning a cage every weekend either. Talk to your spouse and figure out what kind of animal your child, and you, are ready for.

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