Are You Ready to Bring a Cat Home?

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The United States loves their cats. In fact, with about 76.43 million cats, the U.S. has more felines than any other country. This is often due to the fact that people view cats are a low maintenance pet ownership. They do not require the same attention and training as dogs do. However, cats do require proper care and are still a pet. If you are considering adding a cat to your household, keep the following considerations in mind.

Are you prepared to take care of all of its needs?
It is true that cats do not need to be exercised or entertained to the same extent as other pets. They do, however, still require specific animal care. Cats still need to be fed and provided with fresh water. Their weight still needs to be monitored and sometimes daily exercise is needed. Your cat will also need regular vet checkups and annual shots. You might have to visit cat health specialists for your cat?s health needs. You will also have to pay to have your new cat fixed to prevent over breeding.

How will other pets in the household handle the new cat?
Adding a new pet to a household is a big step. It is a step that should be carefully considered and planned out. Never bring a cat into a house with a dog that is not familiar with cats. It is also important to slowly introduce the cat to any other household pets. This is not always an easy transition for the animals involved. If you continue to have problems, work with cat health specialists on ways to provide a safe environment for all pets involved.

How will you handle cat behavior problems?
A lot of a cat?s day is spent sleeping. In fact, cats sleep for about 16 hours per day, on average. Although they are only awake for a few hours each day, they can have behavioral problems. Some common cat behavioral problems include going to the bathroom outside of the litter box, fleeing outdoors, biting, and scratching. These are all problems that need to be worked with and handled. You might have to work with cat health specialists for problems that do not seem to go away. Sometimes, these behavioral problems will diminish after fixing the cat.

Can you afford the cat?
Cats, just like any other pet, can be very expensive. When you first bring the cat home, it will need food, water, bedding, shots, and toys. Every year, you will have to take your cat in for routine vaccinations. You also have to be prepared for any cat health problems. It can be helpful to purchase an insurance plan for your cat. Healthcare for pets can be expensive and insurance plans can reduce the costs. Shop around for the best cat insurance cost and make sure it covers common cat health problems.

Bringing the cat home
After considering these important cat ownership responsibilities, you have decided that you are ready to own a cat. Cats can be a lot of fun and affectionate, if you treat them right. Bringing home a cat for the first time should never be a light decision. It should include a lot of consideration. You should be prepared to provide the cat with whatever they need. You should also be prepared to take care of all of their health needs. Once you bring the cat home, it becomes your responsibility. Use your cat health specialists to answer any questions or to provide you with additional information on owning a cat.

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