Why Having Pet Insurance Truly Helps

Cat insurance cost

If you are a pet owner then you know what it’s like to be concerned about finding proper health care for your animals. Whether you own a dog, cat, or other type of pet, health care ranges from choosing a type of food and finding a local vet, to dental cleanings and surgeries. As you know, health care for animals can be expensive. In fact, the U.S. spends more than $13 billion on vet bills every single year. One way to make sure that paying the vet bill for your pet does not mean you take a huge financial hit is to sign up for pet health insurance. Below are a few things to know about the fantastic service:

1. Is Your Pet Covered? – Most pet insurance companies cover both dogs and cats, but only a few cover all breeds and ages. Make sure that the company you choose offers this wide variety. Not only will you be sure that your pet will be covered, but you will have no worries about getting another type of dog or cat. The last thing you want is to have pet insurance for one pet only to find out that the company you currently work with doesn’t cover the breed of the next pet you want to own.

2. How to Choose Pet Insurance Plans – Just like health insurance for humans, pet insurance does have items that it will and will not cover. The good news for you is that instead of your employer dictating the plan you choose, you can shop around. Ask if the insurance does or does not cover wellness visits, vaccinations, or pre-existing conditions as many do not. Also don’t forget to ask about the length of the plans. For instance, lifetime pet insurance is great because it covers any illnesses or accidents of your pet for their lifetime.

3. Dog And Cat Insurance Cost – Again, similar to human health insurance, the cost will fluctuate based on the provider. Ask questions about the dog and cat insurance cost with each provider you speak with and request that they explain what the fluctuations in cost pertains to. There is over $13 billion spent on over the counter medicines for pets each year, so asking about that is also a great idea.

Nearly 50 percent of homes in America have a dog, and Your pet is a part of your family, and like the other members of your family you want to keep them safe and healthy for as long as you can. One way to do this is by securing pet health insurance. Not only will it keep the vet bills from placing a huge financial burden on you, but it will allow you give your pet the healthcare it needs, no matter what. Don’t let the dog and cat insurance cost worry you – there are many options available to you and you can find what you need!

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