Tips To Maintain Your Pet’s Weight

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If you have a pet, you know that they like treats, and sometimes they like treats just a little more than going to burn them off with a run or walk in the park. If your pet is starting to look a little on the chubby side, it might be time to take him to the pet hospital or veterinarian to get their weight checked. Going to a 24 hour vet means you don’t have to let time be an issue. You can go before or after work and someone will be there to help you with your pet.

Why should I check my pet’s weight?

It is very important to check your pet’s weight to ensure that they are not getting to overweight for their size because it can lead to health problems like osteoarthritis, diabetes (in cats), heart problems, and several different types of cancers. You can visit a 24 hour vet to learn more and check their weight.

What causes my pet to be overweight?

If you’re wondering what can cause weight gain in your pet, it’s usually due to any of the following reasons: overeating, inactivity, breed, age, reproductive status, and preexisting diseases. Certain breeds are more susceptible to being overweight, and weight can also be an issue for those who are spayed/neutered. This is because neutering or spaying your pet can lead to a loss of certain hormones like testosterone and a shift in other kinds of hormones, like leptin.

How can I help my pet stay at a healthy weight?

1. Feed them the right kind of food

You can bring your pet to an animal hospital to have his weight measured and talk to a vet about what kind of food you should be feeding your pet. The right kind of food can make a difference in their overall health. If your pet is young and needs more of a certain kind of nutrients for its bone development, stick to a formula designed for that kind of age and breed of animal. If your pet is older, you might need to give them more vitamins to keep their bones healthy as they age. Visiting a 24 hour vet can help you learn more about the right kind of food to feed your pet.

2. Do not feed your pet different kinds of “human foods”

While Fido might be giving you sad eyes while you’re eating dinner with your family, you should not be feeding your pet foods that humans eat. Those kind of foods are not good for them, and many human foods can actually cause serious problems in a pet. Chocolate can be toxic, and garlic can also cause some serious issues for your pet. Try giving them a treat once you are done with dinner, but skip giving him or her scraps of turkey and chicken, steak, and other foods that you think they would like. In the event that your pet eats something toxic, they are 24 hour animal hospitals that can help with your emergency.

3. Make sure they get enough exercise

Just like you might enjoy going for a jog or to yoga after a stressful day at work, your pet probably wants to get some kind of exercise as well. If you get restless staying inside of your home, then you can imagine how your pet feels while you are gone at work. Chances are your pet would love to go for a walk or jog with you! Using toys to get them to run and play fetch is a good way for them to get exercise, and while cats generally won’t go for walks, buying small toys like plush mice and some balls and throwing them can offer a fun way for your cat to get some exercise. Everyone knows cats are very playful by nature, so chances are they would love to play some games with you and that will help them get some exercise to keep them in shape and healthy.

If you have questions about your pet’s health or weight issues, visiting a 24 hour vet can help you get more information about how to keep your pet on track.

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