The Benefits of Pet Health Insurance to Protect Your Cat’s Health

Pet insurance plans for dogs

Did you know that there are more cats living in the United States than in any other country throughout the world? Recent information shows that there are roughly 76.43 million cats in this country. While many of these cats are part of a family, the United States also has about 60 milliion feral cats.

Since part of being a responsible and loving pet owner is to ensure that your cats are and continue to be healthy, it’s important to take them to the veterinarian for regular wellness visits and vaccinations.
For example, the average healthy cat will sleep around 16 hours a day, if your cat is sleeping considerably more or less, it’s possible that they may be ill or injured. When this is the case, it’s important to take your cat to a veterinarian to determine whether or not they have become ill or sustained some type of injury.

Another aspect of being a responsible and loving pet owner is to have the family cat spayed or neutered. Approximately 84% of cats have undergone this procedure at some point within their lifetime. Many people within the United States will also capture feral cats and take them to the veterinarian or a local spay and neuter clinic to receive this procedure. In some instances, the types of people that are dedicated to rescuing feral cats and kittens may provide for them in other ways, which includes feeding and sheltering them.

How did you acquire your kitten or cats? Most people receive their cats and other types of pets from acquaintances, family members, and/or friends. About 29% of the cats within American households, however, were adopted from a shelter or local rescue center. Since so many cats are lost or abandoned when people move, when someone adopts a kitten or an older cat from one of these centers, it can make a significant impact on their lives In addition to reducing the number of cats that remain in these types of facilities, providing a home for them is a kind-hearted act.

Are you aware of how much you spend on your cats every year? You may be interested to know how much other Americans are spending on their pets:

  • Pet supplies and over-the-counter medications: $12.56 billion a year
  • Veterinary care: $13.59 billion a year
  • Pet food: $20.46 billion a year

In addition to the above types of spending, many cat owners are also purchasing pet insurance. Cat insurance costs will vary because there are a variety of pet insurance plans available. While basic cat insurance costs will provide coverage throughout their lifetimes should they become ill or injured, these policies don’t provide coverage for pre-existing conditions. There are also pet wellness plans available. These policies cover veterinarian wellness visits as well as vaccinations.

Since you’re interested in learning how pet insurance works, when you contact a pet insurance company, they will be able to provide you with detailed information on cat insurance costs. Obtaining pet insurance is an easy process as well as an important step to take to protect your pet’s health and wellness.

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