The Benefits of Pet Health Insurance to Protect Your Cat’s Health

Did you know that there are more cats living in the United States than in any other country throughout the world? Recent information shows that there are roughly 76.43 million cats in this country. While many of these cats are part of a family, the United States also has about 60 milliion feral cats. Since […]

More Myths and Misconceptions About Canine Heartworm

Although canine heartworm has been diagnosed in all 50 states within the U.S., pet owners still have a lot of misconceptions about this disease, especially when it comes to infection risks. The truth is that canine heartworm is extremely serious and can be fatal in an overwhelming number of cases. We debunked some other common […]

4 Situations in Which You Need to Have Insurance

There is insurance for everything in the world, these days. Many people think that insurance is the greatest scam of all. While there are certainly some things that you can get insurance for that is entirely unnecessary, (such as additional insurance offered for sending a $5 stuffed toy to your niece when flat rate mailing […]

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