4 Situations in Which You Need to Have Insurance

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There is insurance for everything in the world, these days. Many people think that insurance is the greatest scam of all. While there are certainly some things that you can get insurance for that is entirely unnecessary, (such as additional insurance offered for sending a $5 stuffed toy to your niece when flat rate mailing already comes with $50 worth of coverage) there are some areas of life that are important to have insurance or coverage. Here are a few things that should be covered and why.

Health Insurance
These days, not having health insurance is illegal and will cost you a pretty penny when it comes time to file your taxes. You may be annoyed by that because you have never even gotten stitches much less emergency surgery. However, just because you’ve been lucky enough to not need a doctor til now, does not mean that you won’t ever. You could minding your own business, working your safe desk job when a water main breaks and your company’s ceiling crashes in on you and you have to be rushed to hospital. You’ll be mighty glad that you had insurance then.

Car Insurance
Again, car insurance is required by law. It can actually be very reasonably priced. If you only want the bare minimum that the law requires, if you crash in to someone else’s car or property, your insurance will cover their loss. It will not, however, cover yours. Why not pay that little extra to get your loss covered as well? Having a car totaled could give you $10,000 towards a new one or you could have no means of transportation and no money to get one with. It’s your choice really but it’s much smarter to have your back covered. Car insurance is really for you, when you make the mistake and the crash is your fault. That’s why it’s so important to have. You need to be able to pay for someone else’s damages that you caused but you should set it up so yours can be taken care of also.

Pet Insurance
Healthcare for pets can get incredibly expensive, depending on what you have to do. Right from baby stage (puppy or kitten or whatever animal you have) you have to get them immunized and neutered or spayed and then you have to continue having check ups once or twice a year for the rest of their lives. If you have dog or cat health insurance then you won’t have to pay out of pocket for these visits. As your animals age, having insurance is so important. For example, if you don’t have cat health insurance and your cat gets a kidney infection, which is quite common in cats, you’re looking at close to $5,000 for treatment. With cat health insurance, you will only be responsible for your co pay.

Life Insurance
Most people do not have a whole lot of money to leave for their loved ones. This means that when they die, their kids and spouses not only do not get an inheritance but will be left with the burden of having to take care of funeral and burial expenses plus any unpaid items that the deceased has. Paying towards life insurance will give your family plenty of money when you die. They’ll have enough to pay for everything and have a lot left over for themselves. It’s a great way to leave them a legacy and pave the way for a great life. Life insurance can also be a sort of savings account. It accrues interest and you can ‘borrow’ from it at any time. There may be fees, etc but at least you have it in an emergency.
So, whether you need cat health insurance or actually are mailing an incredibly valuable package through regular postage, paying for the coverage may be well worth it. After all, most times, you will actually pay more for replacing or fixing an item then you would if you add up the months in which you have had insurance. We all like to think we are good drivers with responsible lives and will never have a pet with problems but life just doesn’t usually turn out that perfect.

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