Dog Dating, Other Websites Can Be Lucrative Business

Dog run park

Americans love their dogs more than any other pets. Surveys have shown that about 70% of people consider themselves “dog people” while only 20% consider themselves “cat people.” People also show love for their pets by spending money on them, to the tune of more than $50 billion a year. This presents a business opportunity to anyone looking to get in on the lucrative market.

There are a number of ways you can cash in on people’s love for their pets. One of the easiest is to create one or more dog websites that cater to the things people want and need for their dogs. Many dog websites exist to sell products, but creating that kind of business takes a lot of work, because you have to find a supplier and set up a warehouse and delivery system. An easier way to make money in the pet space is to create dog websites providing services.

One of the biggest problem with dogs and their owners is separation anxiety. About 4% of dogs have it, and those who do can really wreak havoc. Owners, too, have separation anxiety, to the point that nearly 4 in 10 call home during the workday to let their pets hear their voice on the answering machine. One of the ways to cash in on this issue with a website is to offer dog playdates. You might match up dog owners who can watch each other’s pets during different hours, or you might facilitate group gatherings. The great thing about such a service is that it requires low start-up costs and low overhead.

Another way to use dog websites for a business purpose is to help people find a dog park or other places where there dog can roam and play. You can make money on such a model either by charging a fee or through advertising.

You also might use your website for online dog dating. It may sound silly, but some people want to find a mate for their dog to breed, and you can cash in by helping to facilitate that match.

The pet market is a lucrative one to own a business in, and to start a business without a lot of investment, a website can be the way to go.

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