Small pets for kids

You are a good parent. Your kids are as healthy as you can make them, they are happy and doing well. They smile a lot, are well behaved (most of the time), and you enjoy being with them. You like to believe you think ahead, but frankly, you are much too busy keeping up with today and tomorrow. Still, you think you are on top of things.

But the question you just got asked was a surprise.

“Mommy, can I have a pet?”

Had not thought about that too much…

Now it is your turn to have questions. And your child is looking at you in expectation. But your face is blank.

You know there are a lot of good pets for kids. But what are the best small pets for kids? You have an apartment.

What are good house pets for kids? You do not have a very big yard.

What are good pets for kids with allergies? You know there are some dogs and cats, for instance, that are great for kids with allergies. But which ones? A lizard should be okay but you think lizards are icky.

What are good starter pets for kids? You had pets all through your childhood and the last pet, a dog, is still with your parents after you left home.

You know there are good pets for kids…but how to find out about them?

Start by asking your child what kind of pet they have in mind. Will a fish do? A mouse? A gerbil? An iguana? A gecko? Or does your child want a cat or dog? Now you can start your internet search for good pets for kids based on your child’s first choice. You may find that what your child wants is not on the good pets for kids lists. If that happens, you are on to Plan B.

One option is to talk to a veterinarian, with your child, about good pets for kids. Your local library may also have some books about good pets for kids, something your child can bring home and study repeatedly. That kind of book may also make your life easier because everything in there is among the good pets for kids: whatever your child chooses, you know it may well be a good match for your family.

There will be some negotiating, of course. A St. Bernard is cute as a puppy but not one of the good pets for kids who live in apartments. Again, the internet and a veterinarian can really focus your search. The more advice you have, and the more your child participates, the more likely you will make a great choice.

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