How to Make Your New Cat Feel at Home

People love their cats. Most cats also love kids. This is especially true of kittens which tend to be very playful. If you are thinking of getting a cat for your child, it is a great option. However, it the cat may be skittish and hide at first.

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It can take cats a little bit to get used to their new surroundings and people. In this video, you will learn how to make your cat feel more at home.

Animal doctor visits are crucial to keeping your cat happy and healthy. While your cat may not feel comfortable going to the animal doctor, it is important that they do. The animal doctor can give them any shots they need.

The trick to making your cat feel at home is to gradually acclimate them to their environment. Start by only introducing them to one room until they start to feel more comfortable. Also make sure to remove any hazards from this room such as objects that could fall or break. Purchasing some toys for your cat could also go a long way. You will also want to keep their litter and food the same as well.


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