How to Shingle a Doghouse

Are you getting a new furry friend to join your family? There are a lot to things to consider from food, to toys, and bedding. Many people prefer to have their dogs sleep outside. However, they shouldn’t be sleeping out in the open. The best practice is to make them a nice comfortable doghouse with bedding inside. To make a dog house, you will need some wood board, nails, and shingles.

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You could also paint the doghouse a nice color if you want to spruce it up. Sometimes people will even write the name of the dog right on the dog house. In this video, you will learn how to shingle a doghouse.

Installing the roofing for a dog house may seem pretty simple. However, people often forget a few simple steps. For example, you need to nail down felt paper to the roof before you place shingles. This adds to the durability and the felt absorbs condensation so that it does not trip through. You don’t want your dog getting wet after all! When shingling the roof, make sure to have the shingle overlap by a little bit to ensure that wind and rain don’t get through the shingles.


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