Remembering a Family Pet with Pet Memorial Stones

Pet memorial

A cat or dog might seem like just another animal to someone who has never owned a pet, but for the 62 percent of people who have at least one pet that cat or dog is an actual family member. In fact, nine out of every ten pet owners who were asked said their pet was part of their family.

It is this belief that pets are actual parts of our family that makes us go through a grieving process when they pass. Displaying pet memorial stones or having some type of memorial service can help families through the loss of their beloved pet.

Researchers have discovered that animal memorials and memorial stones for pets can be a helpful tool that helps people with the loss of their pet. There are several types of pet memorials that can be used to help with the grieving process. Pet memorial stones are the most popular type of memorial service provided to pet owners, but pet urns and even full ceremonies have also been done to honor a beloved pet.

The pet memorial that you have for your pet should be unique and representative of your pet’s life. Many people will often ask family and friends to provide favorite pictures of the pet for the ceremony, whether it is a photo with Santa or the Easter Bunny or just a photo of the dog enjoying social interaction with friends and family. These photos can be placed on display next to the pet memorial stones and allow friends and family to think back on those special times they shared with the pet.

If a memorial service is not desired then some pet owners will consider purchasing pet stones or pet memorial stones. These pet stones or pet memorial stones as they are called are used to transform a small area of the home or yard into a private spot of rememberance for your pet. While not as involved as a memorial service, pet memorial stones allow pet owners to fondly remember their pet long after they have passed.

Memorial stones for pets are becoming increasingly popular over the years, as more and more people feel their pet has actually become a part of the family. These pet markers provide family and friends with the tools they need to create a space that is reserved just for their beloved pet.

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