Hamsters Make Good Starter Pets For Kids

Good starter pets for kids

While most children would like to have a pet, you may be wondering what pets are good for kids. It is important to put some thought into pets for kids because more than likely you’ll be the one that will have to take care of it. For this reason, you should look into what the best small pets for kids are. In doing so, you’ll discover that one of the good starter pets for kids are hamsters.

Although hamsters definitely make good pets for kids, even good pets for kids with allergies, you should know that there are several different types of hamsters available to choose from. They include:
1. Syrian Hamsters aren’t just good starter pets for kids but they’re also the most popular for those who want to get a hamster. This is because they’re easy to handle since they are around 7 inches long. Also, even though hamsters are nocturnal, these ones can be trained to adjust their sleep cycles so that they will be awake more throughout the day.
2. Campbell’s Russian and Winter White Russian Hamsters are types of dwarf hamsters that make good starter pets for kids. However, they’re better for older kids since they’re really fast. Of these 2 breeds, you’ll find that the Winter Whites are friendlier because Campbell’s will get nervous and sometimes bite.
3. Chinese Hamsters are similar in size to dwarf hamsters but they have longer tails that are used in climbing. These hamsters are really shy but they are also really good natured and rarely bite.
4. Roborovski Hamsters are the smallest and the fastest of all hamsters. They don’t really make good starter pets for kids though because you have to train them to be handled or else they won’t like it. Nevertheless, they’re fun to watch, which is why some children do find them to be appealing.

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