Animal Au Paws in Purcellville VA

Animal Au Paws 38192 Highland Farm Place Purcellville, VA 20132 703-669-5255 Animal Au Paws (AAP) full service Pet Sitting and Dog Walking company incorporated in Northern Virginia, serving Loudoun and Fairfax Counties. Its owner, Diep “Rosie” Bundick, is a long time resident of Northern Virginia. Rosie and her husband, Paul, have owned and cared […]

Your Kids Needs A Pet

There are all kinds of good house pets for kids. Picking what pets are good for kids just depends on your kids themselves. When considering what pets are good for kids, you might look into good starter pets for kids. Starter pets are low maintenance but still foster some sort of responsibility. Starter pets are […]

An AZ Spay And Neuter Clinic Could Be The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Your Pet

If you have a dog or a cat that you would like to get fixed, but your financial resources are not in a good place right now, an AZ spay and neuter clinic can help you to provide the procedure that your pet needs without costing you a fortune. In fact, many Az spay and […]

Four good pets for kids

What are good pets for kids? Well there are a lot of good pets for kids you can choose from. However, the right choice of pets for kids really depends on so many things. For example, if your child is a girl, she may not want reptiles, such as geckos or bearded dragons although they […]

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