What Are Good Pets for Kids?

Over the years a lot of readers have asked me, “What are good pets for kids?” The answer, like all things, depends on the kid in question. But it also depends a good deal on what you want your kid to get out of the whole experience. If companionship is all you think your child […]

4 Best starter pets for kids

Many times when children get to a certain age they begin asking for a family pet. This can pose a dilemma to many families who feel they do not have the time or energy for more responsibilities. Fortunately there are a number of small animals that may appease the want of a child and keep […]

German Shepherd Breeders Regale Clients with German Shepherd Stories

Almost every German shepherd breeder that experts have encountered is extremely social and talkative. These German shepherd breeders love to regale their customers, clients, friend, family members, and neighbors with stories, facts, and other tidbits of information which pertain to their German shepherds and German shepherd puppies. Many of these German shepherd breeders begin their […]

Honoring the Life of Your Pet

Americans love their pets, and in fact, most people would consider their pets an integral part of their family unit. In addition to the loyalty and unconditional love pets provide, their companionship has proven to provide numerous health benefits, such as lowered blood pressure, lessened depression, and more recently, a link between pet ownership and […]


You are a good parent. Your kids are as healthy as you can make them, they are happy and doing well. They smile a lot, are well behaved (most of the time), and you enjoy being with them. You like to believe you think ahead, but frankly, you are much too busy keeping up with […]

The Best Starter Pets for Children

In the lives of all children, there comes the time when they beg their parents for a pet. Most parents who feel like they all ready have more responsibilities than they can possibly handle, will likely say no. However, pets for kids can be an excellent way to teach children responsibility. Of course, depending upon […]

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